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The Best IT Support Company in Tucson

IT Support Companies in Tucson and Phoenix

There are many IT support companies that can provide IT services to your business. Whether you’re a larger organization with more than 200 employees or a small business with 10, chances are you’re in need of some IT support from time to time. IT support companies can take over your IT and fully manage it so you never have to look for outside IT support again. They can also co-manage your IT environment alongside an existing IT person. If you’re looking for the best IT support provider in the Tucson area, here are some things to consider when making your selection:

Complete IT Support Services

Is the IT support company giving you a complete solution, or do they only offer a piece of it – leaving you to connect the dots to decide what you really need? A modern IT support company should provide response IT support, integrated security (to include antivirus, a firewall, and extended detection and response), backups, and the ability to configure systems to comply with the necessary regulatory frameworks like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and CMMC. Other IT support companies might not be capable of supporting the entire breadth of your IT environment. If that’s the case, you might benefit from selecting an IT support company that can manage your entire environment under one solution.

Security Focused

Trusting an IT support company with your administrative credentials, access to sensitive company data, and relying upon them for the general upkeep and availability of your IT systems is no small ask! When you select an IT support company to take on your IT, you should consider their qualifications and industries they’re experienced in supporting. You should also consider the ability to provide an objective cybersecurity assessment so that you can observe and measure improvements to the cybersecurity posture of the business.

Thinking Big Without Big Spending

A great IT support company is also great at problem solving. IT support companies often push the more expensive products and solutions with disregard to how well the particular solution will integrate into a business’s environment. A good IT support company will understand the unique needs of your business and involve the key individuals within the organization to ensure buy-in before making recommendations and implementing new solutions. Often times, the best solution is not necessarily the most expensive one.

Cole Technologies Delivers with NextGen

At Cole Technologies, our NextGen Managed Services are specifically designed to address the pain points that many business leaders have experienced when dealing with other IT support companies. With NextGen, you are receiving a complete solution – IT support, cybersecurity, and compliance are baked-in. Our team of experts has real-world experience across a variety of industries – many are highly regulated, including: healthcare, defense contracting, manufacturing, financial services, local/state government, and higher education.

To make things simple, we offer a free Cyber Scorecard to help business leaders understand where their business falls on the cybersecurity spectrum. It outlines the highest risks identified in the business’s environment and makes recommendations on the best path forward.

To get a free Cyber Scorecard, you can request a 30-minute session below. At the end of the session, a report will be generated for you to use.