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Cole Technologies featured in AZTechCast podcast

The Arizona Technology Council’s monthly podcast, AZTechCast featured Cole Technologies in a discussion with other Arizona business leaders including Alex Cole, CEO/Founder of Cole Technologies, Jackie Shipley of AccountabilIT, and Will Davis of Slalom.

Business across Arizona and the United States are facing an ever-changing technology landscape. NextGen by Cole Technologies focuses on bridging the gap between the increasing cybersecurity and compliance related requirements that businesses face and the solutions currently in place.

The July 2023 episode of the Arizona Technology Council’s AZTechCast podcast featured experts including Alex Cole, CEO of Cole Technologies; Will Davis, director, Data & Analytics at Slalom; and Jackie Shipley, chief people officer at AccountabilIT. These leaders joined Steve Zylstra, Council president and CEO, and Karen Nowicki, president and owner of Phoenix Business RadioX, in discussing tips for how to enhance your IT strategy and better prepare for shifting trends in technology.

In this hour-long episode, the panel of three experts defined information technology, emphasized the importance of having an IT department, team or resource on hand and debated the pros and cons of having an internal IT department and working with a managed service provider. Throughout this entire conversation, the experts shed light on some of the IT challenges they regularly see Arizona companies struggling with and discussed how our state can better train, recruit and retain highly qualified IT talent.

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