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Choosing the Right Tech Vendor for Your Company’s Managed It Needs

Businesses with experience in their respective industry and ample funding will usually hire an entire IT department to look after their IT needs. In other words, most large organizations have a team of in-house IT experts that make critical IT decisions for the company. However, not all companies have the financial backing to hire talented individuals to handle their technology infrastructure.

Hiring a team of IT experts is not only budget-heavy for mid-sized companies, it is also unnecessary. Your company’s IT operations and demands will likely not be very large-scale or complex. Therefore, one of the best solutions to solving your IT issues is to select a tech vendor that will provide you with expert assistance at a reasonable cost.

Tech vendors will satisfy your company’s technology needs. Below, you will find tips and advice for choosing the right tech vendor for your company’s managed IT.

Request a Free Consultation

Request For Proposal

An RFP or request for a proposal can be instrumental in selecting tech vendors. Choosing a tech vendor for your IT needs is a massive undertaking for your company. You can begin consulting different technology vendors by formulating a request for proposal. Your tech vendor must introduce a system that fits in with your company’s core operation strategies.

To ensure that each tech vendor is accustomed to the procedures and operations of your company, it is best to create an RFP that specifies your company’s needs. A request for a proposal can also explain your company’s evaluation method for the proposals. The vendors interested in providing IT services will use the RFP you formulate to develop an IT strategy that works best for your company.

Vendor Transparency

Your company needs to ensure that the vendor is transparent in what they can offer and their pricing. Some vendors can give you a false sense of commitment and make promises they cannot live up to. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A good tech vendor will be upfront about what they can deliver and how much they will charge for each service.

According to Jim Durham, CIO at Solar Panels Network, “A lack of transparency can be a major red flag, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before signing any contracts.” To check for transparency, a good option would be to conduct thorough research of previous customer reviews, ensuring that they are legitimate and recent.

The True Cost

There is no shortage of tech vendors trying to scam companies by burdening their finances through countless hidden costs that emerge after signing the contract. These hidden costs include expenditures on upgrades, training, add-ons, and more.

To disguise these hidden costs, scam tech vendors will use fake reviews and cheap pricing packages to dazzle companies into believing they’re signing a great deal. For this reason, you must ensure that the tech vendors you choose offer impeccable customer support.

  • Narrow down your options using a comparison site that displays features and prices.
  • Find genuine reviews and talk to previous clients.
  • Ensure that they have superior customer support.
  • Check the track record of the tech vendor.

Jean-Patrick Bisson, CEO of, emphasized the importance of reviews and quoted, “When choosing a tech vendor, small businesses should put more effort into finding a good number of genuine and quality reviews.”

Track Record

Finding out about the track record of a tech vendor requires companies to find out how long they have been providing services. A tech vendor’s experience will reveal plenty about their compatibility and efficiency in working with similar companies. Requesting direct contact with the IT vendor’s past clients is also helpful. This will give you a better idea of the legitimacy and effectiveness of the tech vendor.

Jim Durham, CIO at Solar Panels Network, is very keen on checking the track record of tech vendors. He says, “Checking out online reviews can be helpful, but don’t forget to ask the vendor for references you can contact directly.”

Customer Support

After you are satisfied with a tech vendor’s track record and have established that their reviews and feedback are genuine, you should ensure that they have a solid customer service platform. This means the availability to address queries 24/7. They should also offer a comprehensive training program where the workers at your company can understand and utilize their services in the best ways possible.

Jim Durham, CIO at Solar Panels Network, said, “Take a look at the vendor’s customer support and success rates. Do they have a dedicated team to help you with any problems you might encounter? Do they offer training and resources to help you get the most out of their services? Make sure you’re able to get the help you need when you need it.”


In today’s world, companies that run operations online face the imminent threat of cyber attacks. Hence, cyber security services should be a critical determining factor when choosing a tech vendor for your company. Businesses must ensure that the tech vendor they hire rids them from the concerns over cyber-attacks and data breaches.

A good tech vendor offers advanced cyber security protocol, including firewall and antivirus software upgrades, a comprehensive data recovery plan and disaster management system, an advanced monitoring system, and downtime prevention measures. Your tech vendors should deploy a team of experts catering to all combined safety efforts a company can require and ensure that they cover all the basics.

According to Magda Chelly (Ph.D.), a Chief Information Security Officer and managing director at Responsible Cyber, “The vendor’s team should know about cybersecurity and understand the shared responsibility model applicable, especially with cloud service providers. Inadequate security practices could lead to costly downtime and irreversible damage to the company’s reputation.”


As you can see, choosing a tech vendor may require your company associates to conduct careful research, planning, and filtering. It is essential to have a tech vendor that serves your company’s exact needs, is transparent towards pricing models, and is efficient in delivering solutions. If your company is seeking a tech vendor for your managed IT needs, contact us for a free consultation.